Student Accounts With ATM Card

Students Savings Account With Rupay Debit Card

Key Highlights

  • Minimum balance required is as low as INR 200.
  • Convenient account operation with EMV-Chip Based Rupay Debit Card.

What is a Student's Account?

  • A Student's Account is an Savings Account, specially created for student's, so that Student's can manage their finances with ease and convenience, when Student's are studying out of Town.

Why choose a Student's Account?

  • We understand that as a student, you have unique banking requirements. With minimum account balance of only INR 200, our Student's Account caters to your special needs—ensuring you maximum convenience.

Features and Benefits

  • Low account balance: Minimum balance required as low as ₹ 200 only.
  • Anytime, anywhere: With EMV-Chip Based Rupay Debit Card, convenient access at over 10,000+ ATMs 24x7 in PAN India.
  • Beneficial interest rates: Interest rates at 4% per annum for end of day balances