Housing Loan
  • Applicant : Individuals or Jointly (co-borrowers having an assured source of regular income viz. salaried / self-employed persons, professionals, businessmen, farmers etc).
  • Purpose : Construction of house, where in the plot/land already owned by the applicant. To buy built up (new or second hand) / semi built up house or flat. To Extend/renovate/repair, the existing house or flat. To buy a flat under construction or proposed to be constructed
  • Loan Amount : 80% of flat or construction cost or as per income repayment capacity.
  • Repayment : Max upto 15 years.
  • Security : Registered Mortgage of financed property/property proposed to be furnished.
  • Documents : For detail documents please contact your nearest branch.
  • Other : Insurance of property charged to the Bank
Details Interest Rate

Upto 30 Lac


30 Lac to 75 Lac