Best model and ideal Urban Co-operative Bank are defined by certain core characteristics: expertise, innovation and a passion for serving constituents, to name a few. These same words fittingly define Sadhana Sahakari Bank Ltd.Hadapsar, a distinguished institution for which I have the privilege of serving as chairman of the board. Today, Sadhana Sahakari Bank is a leading and progresive Urban Co-operative Bank in Pune District, with area of operation is Maharashtra..

On behalf of whole Sadhana Bank Parivar first of all I like to thank our auditor Shri M.M. Shende [C.A.] for their help and guiding us through auditing period and giving us A grade. I specially like thank our internal C.A. Chandorkar & Limaye for his guidlines and support.
I like to thank our law consultant Shri Yardi for their efforts and also like to thank union secretory Shri Balasaheb Annaskar and body members of bank employees union, insurance company, our employees, Hadapsar police department. I also like to thank to the members of bank panel all advocates, valuers, gold valuers for their help and support.
At last but not least all I like to thank our Customers, Members, Depositers, Account Holders and well whishers for their co-operation, help and trust.

With warm regards, Yours Sincerely,