"Sadhana Sahakari Bank is a dynamic full-service leading co-operative bank, operating safely and profitably within a framework of shared integrity".

We also live by a set of core values. It guides all we do.

  • Do The Right Thing – It sounds simple. If we make a mistake, we’ll own up to it and work with customers,shareholders to develop a solution.
  • Honesty and Integrity – We expect nothing less from one another and commit to a completely honest relationship with our customers,shareholders in which we behave with the utmost integrity to protect you, your money and your privacy.
  • Mutual Respect – We treat our customers, our shareholders , our vendors and our employees with dignity and respect, always.
  • Quality – We aim to continuously improve everything we do.
  • Trust – Earning and keeping the trust of our customers, employees and shareholders is critical to our ongoing success.
  • Teamwork – We recognize that we need one another to meet the needs of our customers,shareholders. Our teams work across business units and geographies to make sure our customers,shareholders get the best possible service and product solutions.