SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank’s vision is to build a wide-spread public banking services infrastructure that makes  quality banking services not just available, but more accessible to common citizens in urban and rural India.

SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank’s unique outreach model, has a network of branches with its own officers servicing customers at their doorstep. Supplementing the branch outreach is a network of microATMs that provide citizens easy access to banking services. Put together, this is part of SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank’s mission to bridge the gap between availability and accessibility to simple banking services for common citizens.

SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank’s MicroATM outlets are an extension of its branch network. Branded with the SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank logo and colours, it functions as a unique “Bank-in-a Box”. Being India’s first interoperable system it is an innovation in banking that can service a customer of any bank using the debit card interface. Operated by an SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank's Agent, The SADHANA SAHAKARI MicroATM tab has touch based user-interface and include a supporting card reader and a receipt printer that prints receipts for all transactions. The customer has multiple options for accessing his/her bank account including account number, Rupay Debit ATM Card Number.

Services offered at an SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank MicroATM:

  • Cash In/Out: At an SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank Micro ATM customers can withdraw from and deposit cash into a bank account of any Bank.
  • Service requests: Various account servicing requests such as balance enquiry, mini-statement and account updation can be done at the SADHANA SAHAKARI microATM, putting banking services within easy reach of customers.
  • ATM transactions: The SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank microATM centres support all transactions which can be normally conducted at a Bank’s regular ATM.
  • Remittances: At origination ends of Remittance Corridors customers can now easily remit money to bank accounts of beneficiaries across the country through an SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank Micro ATM, while at the receiving end, beneficiaries can easily access their accounts to withdraw the same at the local SADHANA SAHAKARI Bank MicroATM.